Olio CurùAuthentic characteristics
Born from the respect of natural agriculture’s cycles

Olio CurùAncient wisdom.
A story that has its roots in our land.

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Curù Oil,
More than an Oil, a Love story

The spectacle of the olive trees with their suffering trunks. Head held high despite all the effort.

It is dense, with a bright green colour and golden veins. The olfactory analysis is very intense, with sent of green tomatoes, cut grass and fresh milled olive. At the palate it is balanced in bitterness and pungency, with persistences of almond, walnut husk and artichoke stalk.

Mazara del Vallo Sicilia

From the heart of Sicily

Our centuries-old olive groves of the early 1900’s are located in Sicily, in Mazara del Vallo in the province of Trapani, in a valley protected by hills; they have always been cultivated and cared for by our family.

It is in this Homeric setting between sea, wind and sun that Olio Curù is born.

The quality of our evo oil is determined by the characteristics of the chosen cultivars (nocellara and biancolilla). The warm and windy climate and the planting area of the olive groves near the sea, exposed to the sun and protected by a hill, define its peculiarities.

But what makes Curù Oil unique is the patient care of the olive trees during the entire production year in respect of family traditions, cultivation times and harvesting methods that do not alter in any way the biological system of the territory and the plants themselves.

PROCESSING METHODMade with the heart

Olio Curù is obtained by a careful and accurate manufacturing process.

Harvesting takes place only by “bracatura”, i.e. directly from the trees to obtain olives not damaged and not impoverished of the precious properties before milling, which gives the oil those characteristic fruity notes. When transported to the oil mill, the olives stay for a period not exceeding 12 hours before being subjected to cold pressing. After being returned to the collection tanks, the olives are defoliated and washed, a very delicate process in order to safeguard their organoleptic properties.

They are now ready for “crushing”, i.e. the transformation of the olives into a paste called oily must, consisting of vegetation water, oil and solid particles (stone residues). This is followed by the ‘gremolatura’ phase: the paste is stirred in vats (gremole) in order to bring together the smaller particles of oil which become larger and larger, favouring a first natural elimination of the water from the vegetation. The paste is introduced into the decanter which, thanks to the centrifugal force, separates the liquid from the solid part. The outgoing oily moist is in turn put into another decanter that definitively separates the oil from the vegetation water.

The oil is ready to be bottled and stored in an odour-free place at a temperature of 15°.


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